Hi-Res HA-SW01 

The HA-SW01 are designed to be high-performance headphones delivering great hi-resolution audio coupled with a fantastic build and stunning looks. On the technical side of things, the two headphones are pretty identical. Utilizes JVC’s own 40mm Wood Dome drivers built into a natural wood housing. The headphone has an impedance of 56 ohms which makes them easy to drive through these cans will see improvements when fed a source through a decent headphone amp.



  • New Developed 40mm WOOD DOME Driver Unit for Hi-Res
  • High Energy Magnetic Circuit Produces over 1 Tesla Magnetic Flux Density
  • Multi Layer Natural WOOD Housing
  • Maple Wood Baffle Board
  • Maple Wood Bass Bar
  • Maple Wood Board
  • Audio-Grade Soldering
  • L/R Indivdual Input
  • Detachable L/R Isolated Grounding Y Type Braided Cord
  • Anti Vibration Jack
  • Around-ear Comfortable Ear Pad for Hi-Res 



Driver Unit: 40mm WOOD DOME 
Frequency Response :8 - 45,000 Hz 
Impedance: 56 ohms 
Sensitivity :105 dB/1 mW 
Max. Input Capability :1500mW(IEC) 
Plug: 3.5mm 24-k gold plating anti-vibration plug 
Cord Length: 1.2m Y Type Detachable Cable 
Weight: 330g (without cord)

JVC HA-SW01 High-Res


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